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BioWare Release: Mass Effect June 6, 2007

Posted by psimitar in games.

I’ve got high expectations for Mass Effect. Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) had me completely enthralled and kept me stolidly turning on my XBox for months after my Halo zeal died down. Now the studio responsible for allowing me full access to my dark-side potential has split from Lucas Arts and is doing their own original space opera story. If there’s an opera in space, sign me up for orbital launch. I’m there.

Expect a June roll-out but until then, vids like these will have to do!

thanks for keeping me informed, Newbiezilla!


1. Newbiezilla - June 6, 2007

Bio didn’t do KOTOR 2. They have done Jade Empire since KOTOR though. Oh, and June? I wish.

2. psimitar - June 6, 2007

Oops, my mistake. That’s what I get for shoddy research! Thanks for the comment. If not June, when?! I must play this game!

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