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I’m so tired of her and her snakes. June 6, 2007

Posted by psimitar in celebs, rant.

Ok lesbians at [AfterEllen.com], we get it. You love Angelina Jolie; you even awarded her the #2 position in your version of Maxim’s Hot 100 list. I admit she was hot for a while, but don’t you get bored with her humanitarian carryings-on in Eastern Europe, Africa and Cambodia?

Oh btw, Benneton wants their family planning campaign back. Brad Pitt’s junk hasn’t seen fertile ground since Jolie allowed him a one-shot full access pass to her uteran eden for Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt [what a name!]…

Have you silly-sallys even considered her scary weight-loss habits as a psychological cry for attention? Darfur should read “Dar-for Publicity,” or maybe she’s just suffering from Darfurexia?

After she saves the world, I just want her to calm down, get on her fuel-guzzling private jet [“oh, but the environment!“] and go have a big cajun dinner at her New Orleans estate…you know, the one she’s hardly ever at. At least it makes her seem Katrina-sympathetic; katrinathetic.



1. Deemed ‘Straight!’ « Reality’s Receding Edge - June 8, 2007

[…] I can see where the confusion could arise. Hope all your readers know I was being satirical in my Jolie post and not bashing. I hear that gets you executed in the lesbian […]

2. Brittney - June 9, 2007

…seriously though, what’s hotter than passion? Jolie has always demonstrated hers with no holds barred… now it just happens to be a passion for refugees. Nothing boring about that.

3. psimitar - June 9, 2007

I agree completely, passion fuels everything from art to science and technological advancement. Angelina Jolie exemplifies passion in what she’s doing and should be respected for it; there are a lot of people at her level that get complacent and stay mum about the injustices of the world. Now, to my post. Satire introduces the concept of circumspection to humor. Take this excerpt from Wikipedia’s entry of the term ‘satire’: “…[satire] is an artistic form, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to bring about improvement.” So yes, Joile’s very passionate, but her status in the public eye as it were makes her an optimal target for satirical criticism on many fronts.

Guess you just got a dose of one of my passions: satire! Thanks for the comment Brittney and I hope to hear from you on another post!

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