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RPG: In IY 1429… June 9, 2007

Posted by psimitar in games.

Jada Kitetsei, ELITES…a lot of awesome fictional stuff happened. This is the first of many coming-out geek stories.

Ok, I admit it: I like science fiction. I also admit to several dozen RPG sessions in my past, but I defend myself; they were creative expression opportunities!

typical gamer?

Typical Gamer?

I think roleplay gets a bad rap from so many different angles. First off there’s the obvious societal stereotyping of fans of this genre as dependent basement-dwellers, of which I can claim I am neither. Of course I understand that some individuals actually are responsible for the perpetuation of that stereotype and shame on them!

Let’s Face it, gaming’s a business too.

We’ve also been commodified as a community, with many gamers [in my opinion] doing their best to be good consumers but really not creating anything of great intellectual value in the long run.

But let’s cut through all the images and perceptions and focus on what RPG actually is: 10% escape and 90% create; the perfect allure for someone in desperate need to express oneself and ditch mundanity but for the briefest of time…a person like me and possibly you if you’ve made it this far in the post.

sexy undeadIn college, I helped form a great gaming group that met almost weekly for over a year and then biweekly for about 2-3 years all the way through to graduation. Instead of rolling dice and keeping tedious statistical sheets, we opted for a more creative, improvisational method of role play. We simply used the logic that anything could happen with sufficient justification and then verification by the game-manager. Granted everyone understood the setting and their character(s) sufficiently, it should run smoothly; and for the most part it did!

Cyan LianasWe completed many story-arcs, but none so fantastically in-depth and magical as the first collection: Swords of Silver I. I was pretty much responsible for one major character, [he’s the guy with the arrow in the back in that pic to the left,] as well as creating the look and feel of the story through concept art [and lots of it!]

Just a brief description of the story does it no justice, but will have to suffice; I’m feeling a little long-winded today and have been told I do go on a bit:

a rag-tag group of imperial dissidents and outlaws [remind you of anything so far?] go on a quest across worlds to clear their name and address their grievances, but instead entangle and eventually extricate themselves from a madman’s plot to usurp the throne.

Maybe I’ll get into more about that hidden reality sparkling just a little up and to the left of ours; the futuristic, fantastic yet oddly familiar Solarian Empire.

Just for kicks and because I recently found it, here’s a page from our settings book. Hope you enjoy the brief escape!


1. verdouxkai - June 9, 2007

Ahh…your quote description of SoS makes it sounds so much more romantic than it felt at the time…hindsight is always more beautiful though, non?
-V (or Verdoux, another Swords of Silver devotee)

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