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UT Austin Memories June 13, 2007

Posted by psimitar in Uncategorized.

My freshman year at college, 1999, was very confusing to me. I was dealing with the first glimmerings of coming out of the closet, managing the new responsibilities inherent in academia and generally starting the process of ‘finding oneself’ amongst a group of equally confused and differentiated peers who were mostly [at first] strangers.

After a bumbling first semester at the University of Texas at Austin, I counted myself lucky to have fallen in with a great lot of people that represented my first adult attempt at community building. We studied together, went out and ate together and generally started ‘growing-up’. We shared our confusion and disappointments as well as our triumphs and victories.

Man, those were mythical times!

Nearly eight years later, I find myself oddly fascinated with past-me; imagining myself as I am today only instead a faded shade watching from a slight distance in the dormitory’s cafeteria a scene from memory:

I see my younger-face suddenly contort and just as quickly revert to normal at the mention of something mildly homosexual in nature; obviously younger-‘straight’-me won out over younger-‘gay’-me yet again. But someday the equation will balance and the facade will break and fall away…

I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic today in light of my recent RPG post. I don’t really know what to make of this so I’ll just categorize it as…well, uncategorized.


1. verdouxkai - June 13, 2007

Looking back at past selves can be interesting…would I want to know then what I know now? Sometimes, but then what kind of cynical people would we be today!?

Would like to see more on this arch…

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