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Not Dead Yet July 2, 2007

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Hey, it’s been too long. In the interstices of life I find time to update! So, what’s been going on in the last two weeks:

My job turned from learning to work, which means I became heavily time-invested. The nature of my position at the station is so social. I’ve spent more time smiling and presenting myself and the web-product than actually closing any business, so for all my work I have very little to show for it…yet. I’m bracing myself for the inevitable “…your presentation was very solid, but we’re going to have to pass for now. Check back in six months,” routine. Then again maybe not.

The room mate situation got a little worse then a little better. I move into my own place this weekend. Can’t wait to have my own place again, but will miss the company. Then again, the alone time might help me write a little more or maybe even get me back into that art studio head-space I break into every year or so. I can only keep my fingers crossed and my chin up.

I re-connected with the parentale last weekend and let the momra-unit know I’m not entirely dead yet and have taken up residency in West Texas embarking on a new career. She said congrats and offered to help me purchase a car with her good[er] credit. Talked with my brother for the first time in years and was freaked out that his voice registers lower than my own. There can only be one… My mom and grandmother are supposedly on a collision-course with my apartment later in the Summer. That should be fun. I don’t know how to sufficiently dry my words to the right shade of parched clay that conveys the sarcasm in the previous sentence.

It’s nice being able to buy things again. But I hunger for more buyables.


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