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Approaching Minos- Part One July 9, 2007

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Cyan LianasThe air was still and cold in the darkened room. On a cot no bigger than the man atop it, something stirred. With a start, he woke reaching toward his chest and rested his hand on the top of a furry scalp. It meowed.

“Caliban you startled me,” the man said groggily sweeping his feet off the thin bedspread and onto the metal floor. “That time already?”

He made his way slowly across the seven feet or so to the small cabinet and undid the cloth and leather latch to get to a bag of Triton’s Best Tuna Surprises and dropped a few fishy-smelling gel cubes to the floor. Caliban, a young brown and gray tabby of about two years, leapt from the foot of the cot to the floor landing silently and crossed the short distance to the long-awaited breakfast.

“Increase by twelve lumens,” the man spoke aloud to no one in particular, but the room’s lighting obeyed and the light increased…drastically. Squinting against the sudden illumination, the man quickly ordered the light halved and the room’s shadows softened to a more suitable level of contrast. “Still hasn’t been properly calibrated.”

He stepped to the room’s back corner into his personal shower and shut the plastiglass door behind him. He activated the nozzle array, keeping clear of jets three and six, which refused to spray anything but an icy mix of personal cleaning fluid and frigid water, no doubt carried over a mis-directed conduit that ran close to the ship’s coolant lines. That would be fixed in the order of priority, there were other things to consider like artificial gravity on decks two and one or the ship’s secondary firing system…or the ship’s QTL drives, which would have came in handy in getting them to their destination in a fraction of the time.

Moments later he stepped out into the main chamber and was startled to see two sets of eyes quickly running the length of his naked body and averting them professionally. Vidscreens two and three were illuminated with the images of his communication’s specialist and professor-made-mechanic respectively.
Professor Una Hawking

“Captain Lianas,” said the woman on vidscreen one, “I need you on the bridge at your earliest convenience. There’s something interesting I discovered about the ship that may give us the upper hand on Minos. First, though I need you to fetch the princess from engineering where she’s no doubt lounging away the morning and bring her with you. If she’s to learn anything about this ship, she should be included in all future planning meetings.” The professor’s jeweled headdress made small tinkling, effervescent sounds as she moved forward to unceremoniously cut the live ship-to-ship feed. Vidscreen one returned to its perfunctory and unimaginative ship’s diagnostic screensaver, still mostly in the reds.

Verdoux Kai“Una was raised by robots,” the other image on vidscreen three chimed in. She was staring at nothing in particular somewhere north of the captain’s left shoulder, a slight blush cherried her face and went well with her chestnut-auburn hair. Something unmistakably interior colored the accenting of her words, making her sound nothing but Jovian every time she spoke.

“She is a robot,” Cyan joked as he finished dressing behind a privacy screen. “Any progress with sensor nodule eleven, we could be blasted out of the sky any minute.”
“No, there was a control panel overload in my sensor bay and I’ve been here with Yura working on that repair all morning,” she said, looking down beneath her console, no doubt checking something with her Mirandan assistant who had been with them ever since that fateful night of terror in Miranda Centralis; the night of walking dead.

“Oh, Cyan. That officer’s uniform has seen better days,” she said barely able to suppress a giggle. “I mean, epaulets are disgusting from an overall design perspective, nothing against Neptunian military ‘fashion,’ but they’re all scuffed and un-shiny!”

“Hey, it took me three years to earn these…disgusting things,” he flicked them off his uniform to make clinking sounds as they skidded across the floor. “They don’t call Neptunians the penultimate solarian separatist nation for nothing; our non-conformity is the only thing that draws us together.”

“Well, uprising aside, that was all I had to report really. Oro is still defenseless from attack from aft, but no one’s used the Celian Spacelane for over a queen’s-age, so I don’t think it’s high priority. Now…this flaming mess,” she gestured to her console, still sparking in places under self-repair, “is another story altogether. I’ll see you up here in the mistress’s chambers in a few minutes.”

Cyan and the Oro

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!



1. psimitar - July 10, 2007

“Approaching Minos” is an adaptation of Swords of Silver, an RPG I played through much of college. I’ve condensed the storylines down to their bare bones, preserving (in my opinion,) the overall tone of the story and spirit of the characters.

The cast is a varied one representing the many cultures of the multi planet Sol Empire, based in a solar system very similar to our own.

Cyan Lianas is a Neptunian, specifically he is from the capitol moon of Triton. His culture is a pioneering one, always looking to the far reaches of space for inspiration and expansion; a futuristic version of Manifest Destiny influencing their motivation for advancement.

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