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Approaching Minos- interlude one July 18, 2007

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Not all is as it seems.

Cyan Lianas by all appearances is a typical male of his species. Standing a little over six feet tall and of medium build he would blend easily into a crowd of other neptunians. One characteristic does stand out about him though, but could be passed off as aesthetically induced. A birthmark spanning both temples and the corona of his scalp discolors the hair growing there to a streak of jet black.

Most neptunians share an ancestry of mixed origins. The original colony was comprised of an even mix of Venusian, with their fair complexions and angular features, and the oldest tribe of Mercury; known for their rough and rakish good looks. After nearly one thousand years of Neptunian heritage, the phenotype has settled into a comfortable middle ground of dashing features, emeraldine hair and tallish heights, especially for the women. The most glamorous models of the empire’s fashion industry hail from the farthest colony.


Cyan carries another birthright all his own though. Underneath the average exterior a great power lies, growing stronger every day since leaving the Nereid asteroid archipelago at the outer fringes of Neptune’s gravity well some four months ago. But a small spark of it was always with him.

Since he was a child, he has possessed what’s whispered about as the Touch. The Touch is a superstitious term loaded with cultural memory older than the empire itself. It means something akin to telepathy, empathy and clairvoyance; the ability to sense information about people, places and objects from a distance; be it in the past, present or future.

In the modern era such myths were usually dismissed as just that, old story fodder made up to give the things that go bump in the night some company. Wives’ Tales hundreds of years old mention the barbaric times of pre-empire in which those deemed to have the Touch in any of its many forms were incarcerated or hunted to nearly the point of extinction. Anyone claiming to have access to this mysterious inhuman ability in modernity was often proven to be charlatans and those that managed to avoid being exposed as fakes quickly disappeared from the public eye, never to be seen again.

Although Cyan had never been made aware of it, he would be considered by the Old Ones as so steeped in the Touch that it brims out of him and can be seen by the naked eye of anyone who knew what to look for.

Furthermore, those with this gift are inexorably drawn to people, places and things possessed of a similar exotic and powerful nature; like attracted to like. Never consciously aware of it, the Touch made a great impact on his personal associations, career ambitions and life goals.

The Touch even explains his strange reaction to a mysterious cube he discovered on his last away mission before Miranda, to the Nereids; a lifeless strand of space rock much like the asteroid collection the Oro was hurtling toward now at a small fraction of the speed of light.




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