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The Dark Queen- Introduction July 25, 2007

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Rachel ached from hours sitting in the same position at her console staring at various schemata. Her console, the most advanced and sophisticated money could buy, Phoenixfire money, dripped with statistical data streaming in from her think tank arrayed below her lab suite. Frankly, it was all becoming a numbers-blur to her.

“Maris, could you get me another cup of caffe, dark preferably?”

Maris, a humanoid service droid lifted on hovers a few centimeters off of the plush carpets and floated over to fix the requested drink. “Yes mistress.”

Rachel stood, stretched and popped her knuckles all in one uniform motion. She took a look at herself in the mirrored display and fretted with her hair, an unruly mess today; the lab’s humidity controls had been tampered with again. She diverted her attention from her appearance to the bay of research and development droids that filled the pit below her; at least they didn’t need sleep.

“Maris, how many hours have I been at it today?”

“Fifteen hours, mistress. Perhaps you should take a break; maybe a relaxing antioxidant drink and a rest will reduce your stress levels and increase overall productivity.” Maris returned with a steaming mug of caffe prepared just the way Rachel liked it.

“There’s just one more thing I have to do for the day and after that I’ll take your advice.”

Almost like clockwork, the dark-tussled head of Arath Schiller appeared on her comm vidscreen. “Fisk, are you there?”

“Of course Mr. Schiller,” Rachel paused mid-sip. “You’d be wanting that progress report?”

“Yes, I have a presentation for the CEO tomorrow morning and I’d like to write up a full review for the week.”

Rachel tapped a few commands into her keyboard and hit the transmit key, “That should just about do it. The report should be in your data assistant with recommendations for increasing input-output efficiency.” Designing esoteric technology for industrial agencies was a painstakingly long and arduous process, but Rachel appreciated the hands-on approach Arath took to his job as project manager; it meant less red tape for her to go through to get what she needed.

“The simulator’s still running the energy node at 250% efficiency regardless of all modifications for the week; so it would take about the entire industrial complex’s daily energy output to light a utility glow-rod…for a few seconds; not good,” Rachel reported her synopsis of the week’s progress in lackluster tones.

Arath considered the numbers on his assistant before speaking. “Well, try to keep in mind that before we hired your team, the node was just a theory. We’ll get Minos Station up and running under its own power before too long.”

“Your enthusiasm only bolsters my own,” Rachel beamed enthusiasm outwardly, but all she felt was tired and a little amused at Arath’s youthful enthusiasm. He had no idea.

If you only knew. If you only knew!

A few seconds passed by after Arath signed off for the day when a faint signal from the inner-earpiece she wore chimed in her head signaling the completion of her daily download of all lab progress. She tapped in a secret sequence on her keyboard that sent the data-packet over an encrypted channel to her other boss.

Designing esoteric technology for industrial agencies was a very gratifying chore for her, but industrial espionage was her true calling and paid much better.

As Rachel Fisk pondered what to do next with her sudden free time, a text message scrolled across her comm screen.


It seemed today was going to be very interesting after all.



1. Verdouxk Kai - July 27, 2007

Hmmm…I like. The name changes throw me off a bit, but I like the setup!

2. psimitar - July 27, 2007

Don’t worry, ‘Rachel’ is just her cover! Rhianon’s backstory is getting a pretty big revamp; power changes and a little more closely threaded plot ties to PhoenixFire and Titan Tech.

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