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Untitled…I guess. August 2, 2007

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“How are you doing,” my mother back on Triton would sometimes ask me. I’d reply, “I’m doing a classic study in quiet desperation, or a quiet study in classic desperation.” After all, it’s really the same thing. “I miss you.”From the journal of Cyan Lianas, Col. Commander Tritonian Guard, IY 1437

Ok, it’s me again. I’m not writing about a fictional empire set in a technologically advanced future this time. Just me in the here and now. I thought I’d check in and give up an update.

It’s raining outside…a lot.

Work’s going relatively well, I just met with two nice ladies from a managed home healthcare program here in Abilene that think television advertising is just the thing to get the word out about the services they offer to the old and unhealthy. I agree with them and suggest they invest in some web advertising to reach the younger audiences that are in a position to seek help for their elderly relatives.


So I’ve got three clients now that are on the books back at the station, which means I can breath a sigh of relief, after all “…a salesman’s only worth the numbers he can bring into the office,” I’m told. As though it really means anything about the person because it of course doesn’t. Anything above zero makes my hire a worthwhile endeavor…I guess. Commodities and futures if you ask me.

Speaking of worthwhile endeavors, I’ve been reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut lately. It’s something to do to pass the time, but I find myself attracted to the serious humor underlying the themes of his books; his commentary on American life in this post-modern world. His science-fiction undercurrent helps to ease me into this genre of storytelling since this time last week I was finishing up an ongoing series chronicling the cyclilcal nature of power, betrayal and war…set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” I went from Star Wars to Schlactenhauf Fünf, or Slaughterhouse Five in less than eighteen hours, talk about culture shock. Lightsabers and the Force to atom bombs and Allied Powers in less than a day. To be honest, the difference is almost negligible from a studied perspective.

I’m supplementing my daily Vonnegutian regiment with tales of Marvel’s recently-ended Civil War series, which I refused to buy as a real comics event and am now enjoying after the fact as a Trade Paperback investment. Hey, it’s all political commentary if you ask me. You see in Civil War, there’s a piece of passed legislation called the “Superhuman Registration Act.” which was supposed to remedy the poison of an accidental explosion killing about 612 innocents in Stamford, Connecticut by a group of poorly trained hero wannabe’s attempt to take down a group of supervillains trying to get by in obscurity there. Public outcry prompted congress to propose that all cape and maskers reveal their identity to the federal government and submit to formal training like Black Ops specialist or something like that by the stroke of midnight on a specific registration day. At 12:00:01, ante meridian all unregistered heroes would become enemy combabtants in their own country.

Sound familiar? It’s all political commentary of course if you ask me. Families are split because of the act, super teams like the Avengers are undermined by the lack of support of roughly half the current members and there you have it: a civil war of super hero scale complete with slogans like “disagreement is not disloyalty,” and “…not my country.”

It’s still raining outside. Whatever.

Jacen Solo, the little-publicized fictional son of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, aka Han and Leia Solo, became a monster comparable to his grandfather, the esteemed Lord Vader in only five books. It all started with a desire to bring order to a chaotic Galactic Alliance, the GA; and his belief in an idea of Absolutes. It continued with the development and implementation of a not-too-Secret Police to round up a group of dissenters suspected of terrorist action taken on Coruscant (the capitol planet of the GA.) Jacen Solo was its director. Let it be said that they weren’t too selective, they just rounded up anyone of a certain heritage or homeland living on Coruscant, regardless of any real connection to the bombing and water-supply posioning. Did I mention Jacen is a Jedi? Shouldn’t he of all beings understand that “disagreement is not disloyalty?” I guess not, “not in his galaxy,” anyway.

Jacen’s not a very perceptive or bright boy for all his knowledge and training if you ask me. Then again, I’m an American and I don’t consider us collectively to be very bright or perceptive if you were to ask me, which of course you didn’t.

Yes, it’s still fucking raining outside. Did you know that fuck is the only word in the English language that can be used that way? It’s really one damn versatile word. Try to use the noun form of any other verb, those are called gerunds by the way, in that sentence and you won’t sound too bright at all. “Yes, it’s still jumping raining outside.”

See what I mean?



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