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meI’m a graphic artist with a background in desktop publishing, website design and digital image editing. Currently my career interests include new media sales and website promotions for BigCountryhomepage.com



1. Kevin Clark - June 20, 2007

Finally, someone who is creative and knowledged enough to appreciate the animation in films. I love going to the movies man. It’s one of my ultimate favorite things in the world. I love talking about all of the aspects of the movie from casting to lighting techniques, CGI, to marketing. I use to want to direct when I was much younger and just getting into my media magnet. Then, I realized I not only am I kinda gifted at graphic art, I love the media. In conjunction with my love for movies, interactive media is where I fall. Video Games should be living, breathing books — entire experiences like movies were for their golden generations.

I know I’m 20 but I see you as someone who can offer a true mental and creative connection with me. I don’t have much to offer but I’m willing to reciprocate.

My name is Kevin and I really really am hoping you reply!

Well, after trying to send this email in an email editor without an “@” sign in the address I realized it was a site (duh). So, I’ve been reading and you’ve gotta gotta speak with me! You’re freakin awesome man!

And I LOVE FINAL FANTASY! I use to talk down on it until a friend gave me FFX and waited there as I played it until he knew I was hooked. Soon after came FFX-2. Since FFXI was online I’ve never played it. Reviews said it didn’t have much of a storyline anyway and that’s 99% of the damn franchise. Finally, FFXII came out and it’s still taking me a while to work through the game. Luckily I have the [nerd alert] Premium Strategy Guide as well as the Special Edition FFXII in the tin case with the accompanying bonus DVD I’ve been too anxious to see, still! Lame, I know but that should give you more of a reason to chat with me!

2. psimitar - June 21, 2007

Cool! Nice to meet you Kevin! I too have that platinum edition of FFXII, isn’t it a beautiful game? I spent about 75-100 hours playing through the game twice in my last semester of college, so you could say I had a little addiction to it.

I’m glad you contacted me! Gonna go and follow that link to your page and see what you’re up to.

3. Benjamin - June 27, 2007

Creative…with a twist! This is young and upcoming Brandon Alexander Anderson, my love of my year in the US. Irresistible, yet uncontrollable.
Everybody watches this one!

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