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Uncanny X-Men #487 July 9, 2007

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The Extremists p.1 of 5 / Ed Brubaker, writer / Salvador Larroca, pencils


The Morlocks, a group of disfigured mutants that make their home in the sewers of New York, are apparently still alive even after the devastating effects of 2006’s M-Day, when 90% of Earth’s mutants were stripped of their X-gene, the genetic component that triggers superpower mutations in humans. (more…)


Comic Books July 6, 2007

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First off, an explanation. Since I was about eleven comic books have been a constant stream of enjoyment and inspiration for me. Growing up in a single-parent family, I always considered my mom to be somewhat of a super hero but there was a lot she couldn’t do to motivate me and inspire me to do heroic things.

I looked elsewhere for courage to express myself and somewhere in the pages of the X-Men titles I learned that being different and ostricized had its perks. It bands together the disparate, the structureless elements of our society into a type of secondary family that picks up the slack of the greater body’s shortcomings…and there are many.

Even before I knew I was gay I knew there had to be a family out there somewhere. I just had to hold out until I found them or they found me. In the meantime, I traveled with Gambit to the underbellies of the N’Oleans Thieves Guild, or journeyed to the future with Jean Grey and Scott Summers to help raise their as yet unborn child and even spent a strange six months in an alternate dimension in which the mutant overlord Apocalypse enslaved the human race and set mutantkind in a non-stop civil war. I felt like I lost a best friend when Phoenix was killed unceremoniously by a devastating EMP burst from a deranged guy masquerading as Magneto a few years ago and leapt for joy when she briefly returned to say her last goodbye to the X-Men before running off in some cosmic quest of self-discovery (I’m still waiting for word back on that story…)

All this is to say that comics are still on the mind of this 25 year-old man and he couldn’t be happier they still have an extraordinary impact on him creatively. That being the case, I’m going to sprinkle short reviews and commentary on some of the monthlies I read regularly, the first of which will be Uncanny X-Men #487, The Extremists part 1 of 5!