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Seen Oceans 13? June 9, 2007

Posted by psimitar in movies.

I’d rather be eaten alive.

In an earlier blog rant, I mentioned how much I didn’t care for this particular movie franchise. Maybe some of you more daring souls had the intrepidness to go see it yourself last night or this afternoon. Tell me about it! Was it as horrible as a real-life Toronto ZombieWalk 2006?[see pic below]

toronto zombie walk 06 Reviews are mixed, with most claiming the movie’s director has recaptured the excitement of Oceans 11 but suffers from the same over-the-top convoluted twisting as Oceans 12:

“The concept of finding new and ingenious ways for these guys to rip people off is starting to wear thin which is proved by the fact that they use a giant drill that is made for making tunnels to simulate an earthquake…there are only two of these drills in the world. Ocean has one and it breaks, so they buy the second one. Now, wouldn’t you think that purchasing a machine like that for less than legal use would raise some alarms somewhere?courtesy Mitch of Matchflick.com

Ok, I’m done. Still interested in hearing what any of you think though.