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Behind the Curve June 8, 2007

Posted by psimitar in music.
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liz enthusiasm

I’m addicted to Freezepop again. After taking a synthpop sabbatical [I went retro awhile with my ongoing David Bowie infatuation and then Pink Floyd romanced my interests for a while.]

I’m back in action and this time there’s a difference: I’m getting informed while being entertained. This article from the March 2004 issue of Wired caught my attention while discovering how the band maintains its indie qualities while getting moderate-to-huge media exposure. They’re an extraordinarily self-sufficient marketing/promotions/advertising/production unit!

I wish I had one of those units around. By the way, parlez vous freezepop? Check out their latest video:


Freezepop: the rokk suite! June 5, 2007

Posted by psimitar in games, music.
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I just found out my favorite rock/synth/techno/synchopathatronic band out of the Bean City released a new single packed with electronic and/or digital beats. I’m all over it…and I just found out it was released last year.

I’m on top of things.

Freezepop is an oddity for me. I discovered them much like a lot of fans did, through Guitar Hero, a video game in which players simulate live performances of well-known songs. Freezepop’s Get Ready 2 Rokk was thrown in for a little flavor, adding to the game its own sense of synthesized future-retro with a little bit [ok, a lot] of classic video game homage.