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Feast of Fools: Forget-Me-Not! June 11, 2007

Posted by psimitar in new media.

I first started listening to the Feast of Fools podcast back in July 2004 at the beginning of the podcast wave heralded by iTunes’ addition of a podcast directory into their build. I remember back then that a simple query of “gay podcast” brought up about three or four choices, FoF being one of them.

I immediately set to work to change that and I wasn’t alone, an intrepid group of innovators ushered in a boom for podcasting that solidly placed an entirely new word, not to mention a new form of media into our everyday lives. In fact the New Oxford American Dictionary named ‘podcast’ their 2005 word of the year!

I even got to work with Fausto while producing my own podcast, AustinExhaustion out of Austin, TX in July ’04 out at Crawford, TX at the very beginning of the Cindy Sheehan-led Peace Movement against the continued Iraq War. [She officially stepped down from the movement last week.]

Since then FoF has occupied a special place in my intellectual development and has greatly influenced my thoughts on new media, its impact on our society and where it’s taking us eventually.


Personally I consider FoF to be the trend-setters for this media platform, adopting new technologies and incorporating them into their show months before contemporaries. Take for instance their video spots [below] which started showing up months before the video iPod was even available.

Who knows, someday I might just pick up the mic and start up my podcasting days all over again. We’ll just have to see…

Crawford QueenThanks FoF and especially Fausto, he’s a great guy to hang with! An afternoon with him is more than enough to learn that.

You can check out the Feast of Fools yourself to see what a well-produced, good podcast and website should be like!