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Democrats wimps? June 7, 2007

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Modified Limited Hangout turned me on to this video compiled by journalist David Sirota. It’s a little over two minutes, but clearly displays the candidates’ desire to shift war-scrutiny all the way to the right and take no blame for the continued occupation of a country that just wants the right to fight amongst itself. The footage is from the first democratic presidential debate of 2007, so it’s topical. Go, Educate yourself!


Unjustly imprisoned! June 6, 2007

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No, not her.

I saw on Digg today that a freelance blog reporter (infowars.com) was arrested yesterday at a Giuliani press conference for asking questions about his foreknowledge of the WTC collapse on 9/11/01. Arrested for asking a question to a presidential candidate’s aid…about the candidate?! Yeah. Watch yo’ mouth.

Besides basically abridging the first amendment, New Hampshire state police are considering charges of espionage to be leveled against reporter Matt Lepacek for having a live feed webcam in operation during the press conference; apparently a capital offense; claiming it was a “hidden-camera device.” Puh-lease! Here’s video from the moments leading up to the arrest —

My academic journalism background’s got me pretty informed on the lengths taken to safeguard the protections offered in the 1st amendment, not only to individuals but to the institution of the press. So when major actions are taken to silence or halt any process related [blogs included,] I’m alarmed.

Increasingly I find myself questioning what kind of country I live in , what happened to it due to post-9/11 logic and why it’s being tolerated.

Now do you understand why I need to live in a space opera?