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Comic Books July 6, 2007

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First off, an explanation. Since I was about eleven comic books have been a constant stream of enjoyment and inspiration for me. Growing up in a single-parent family, I always considered my mom to be somewhat of a super hero but there was a lot she couldn’t do to motivate me and inspire me to do heroic things.

I looked elsewhere for courage to express myself and somewhere in the pages of the X-Men titles I learned that being different and ostricized had its perks. It bands together the disparate, the structureless elements of our society into a type of secondary family that picks up the slack of the greater body’s shortcomings…and there are many.

Even before I knew I was gay I knew there had to be a family out there somewhere. I just had to hold out until I found them or they found me. In the meantime, I traveled with Gambit to the underbellies of the N’Oleans Thieves Guild, or journeyed to the future with Jean Grey and Scott Summers to help raise their as yet unborn child and even spent a strange six months in an alternate dimension in which the mutant overlord Apocalypse enslaved the human race and set mutantkind in a non-stop civil war. I felt like I lost a best friend when Phoenix was killed unceremoniously by a devastating EMP burst from a deranged guy masquerading as Magneto a few years ago and leapt for joy when she briefly returned to say her last goodbye to the X-Men before running off in some cosmic quest of self-discovery (I’m still waiting for word back on that story…)

All this is to say that comics are still on the mind of this 25 year-old man and he couldn’t be happier they still have an extraordinary impact on him creatively. That being the case, I’m going to sprinkle short reviews and commentary on some of the monthlies I read regularly, the first of which will be Uncanny X-Men #487, The Extremists part 1 of 5!


Not Dead Yet July 2, 2007

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Hey, it’s been too long. In the interstices of life I find time to update! So, what’s been going on in the last two weeks:

My job turned from learning to work, which means I became heavily time-invested. The nature of my position at the station is so social. I’ve spent more time smiling and presenting myself and the web-product than actually closing any business, so for all my work I have very little to show for it…yet. I’m bracing myself for the inevitable “…your presentation was very solid, but we’re going to have to pass for now. Check back in six months,” routine. Then again maybe not.

The room mate situation got a little worse then a little better. I move into my own place this weekend. Can’t wait to have my own place again, but will miss the company. Then again, the alone time might help me write a little more or maybe even get me back into that art studio head-space I break into every year or so. I can only keep my fingers crossed and my chin up.

I re-connected with the parentale last weekend and let the momra-unit know I’m not entirely dead yet and have taken up residency in West Texas embarking on a new career. She said congrats and offered to help me purchase a car with her good[er] credit. Talked with my brother for the first time in years and was freaked out that his voice registers lower than my own. There can only be one… My mom and grandmother are supposedly on a collision-course with my apartment later in the Summer. That should be fun. I don’t know how to sufficiently dry my words to the right shade of parched clay that conveys the sarcasm in the previous sentence.

It’s nice being able to buy things again. But I hunger for more buyables.

“Pole” Monday! June 18, 2007

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Ryan Phillipe [mentioned in my Breakfast Club post] was spotted this weekend wearing [gasp,] a tank top?! No seriously, check out the guns on this dude. Now, let’s check out the “pole.”

Mmmm, he’ll do!

Celebrity Weekend Round-Up! June 18, 2007

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Jennifer Anniston Musical? / Spears Pink Panty Alert! / Hilary Duff is so cute…le gran tetons. / Seth Rogan Hot or Not? / Alba v. Paris! / 2 Legit 2 Care / D-List Star Given Fair Shot / Richie’s Get out of Jail Free Baby? / Clarkson 07 Tour Canceled, Curves Contacted…see all the details after the jump! (more…)

Where’s My ‘Breakfast Club?’ June 14, 2007

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I went to a huge book sale this weekend and discovered a really awesome cache of cassette-tapes…yes, cassette tapes; you know that pre-mp3 magnetic media?

I picked up a bunch, but almost geeked on myself [ew] when I came across an original The Breakfast Club soundtrack.

I’m 25, so that would make me about 3-4 years old when this John Hughes classic came out. I missed any and all opportunities to see the film all the way through until I was about 22-23…and when I did, I loved it and have felt like I missed some great secret era of movie-making ever since.

I guess this just plugs into my general feelings of nostalgia lately, but I really wish I could live a few days of my life as a teenager in the 80’s. I’m sure all the same old rules still apply and that in the grand scheme of things, growing up is growing up no matter where or when you go, but I can’t shake this feeling that teased hair, economic optimism and glam rock [Poison, anyone?] wouldn’t be just a little fun right now.

I know, I know. The 80’s probably weren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I mean, look at them.

mmm, he'll do.Anyone with an opening-night movie stub to The Breakfast Club tucked away in their High School yearbook want to set me straight and give me a reason why I shouldn’t hop in my De Lorean and take a trip back to the future [which also ran the same year as The Breakfast Club might I add?]

Also, what’s “The Breakfast Club” for my generation? Clueless [released a simple decade after TBC] was pretty good, but lacks the shelf-life I require. I’ve been told Half-Baked captures some of that mid-nineties zeitgeist, but I’ve never seen it. Cruel Intentions captured my imagination while Ryan Phillipe captured the intentions of something south of my imagination, but is it too cynical for its own good?

Lemme know what you think or I simply won’t be able to go on.

I’ll wait here looking into the camera until you comment…

UT Austin Memories June 13, 2007

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My freshman year at college, 1999, was very confusing to me. I was dealing with the first glimmerings of coming out of the closet, managing the new responsibilities inherent in academia and generally starting the process of ‘finding oneself’ amongst a group of equally confused and differentiated peers who were mostly [at first] strangers.

After a bumbling first semester at the University of Texas at Austin, I counted myself lucky to have fallen in with a great lot of people that represented my first adult attempt at community building. We studied together, went out and ate together and generally started ‘growing-up’. We shared our confusion and disappointments as well as our triumphs and victories.

Man, those were mythical times!

Nearly eight years later, I find myself oddly fascinated with past-me; imagining myself as I am today only instead a faded shade watching from a slight distance in the dormitory’s cafeteria a scene from memory:

I see my younger-face suddenly contort and just as quickly revert to normal at the mention of something mildly homosexual in nature; obviously younger-‘straight’-me won out over younger-‘gay’-me yet again. But someday the equation will balance and the facade will break and fall away…

I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic today in light of my recent RPG post. I don’t really know what to make of this so I’ll just categorize it as…well, uncategorized.

“Pole” Monday! June 11, 2007

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mmm, he'll do

In this first poll I’m all about Paris Hilton and her renewed prison-stay.

To honor this great event I’m linking this poll up with the hot pole-bearer that got her famous in the first place, Rick Solomon! Paris really has only one viable talent and it was definitely in front of a camera with “Big-Rig” Rick behind the lens!

Go ahead! Take my poll!

Adultery never looked so hot. Mmmm, he’ll do!

Feast of Fools: Forget-Me-Not! June 11, 2007

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I first started listening to the Feast of Fools podcast back in July 2004 at the beginning of the podcast wave heralded by iTunes’ addition of a podcast directory into their build. I remember back then that a simple query of “gay podcast” brought up about three or four choices, FoF being one of them.

I immediately set to work to change that and I wasn’t alone, an intrepid group of innovators ushered in a boom for podcasting that solidly placed an entirely new word, not to mention a new form of media into our everyday lives. In fact the New Oxford American Dictionary named ‘podcast’ their 2005 word of the year!

I even got to work with Fausto while producing my own podcast, AustinExhaustion out of Austin, TX in July ’04 out at Crawford, TX at the very beginning of the Cindy Sheehan-led Peace Movement against the continued Iraq War. [She officially stepped down from the movement last week.]

Since then FoF has occupied a special place in my intellectual development and has greatly influenced my thoughts on new media, its impact on our society and where it’s taking us eventually.


Personally I consider FoF to be the trend-setters for this media platform, adopting new technologies and incorporating them into their show months before contemporaries. Take for instance their video spots [below] which started showing up months before the video iPod was even available.

Who knows, someday I might just pick up the mic and start up my podcasting days all over again. We’ll just have to see…

Crawford QueenThanks FoF and especially Fausto, he’s a great guy to hang with! An afternoon with him is more than enough to learn that.

You can check out the Feast of Fools yourself to see what a well-produced, good podcast and website should be like!

Seen Oceans 13? June 9, 2007

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I’d rather be eaten alive.

In an earlier blog rant, I mentioned how much I didn’t care for this particular movie franchise. Maybe some of you more daring souls had the intrepidness to go see it yourself last night or this afternoon. Tell me about it! Was it as horrible as a real-life Toronto ZombieWalk 2006?[see pic below]

toronto zombie walk 06 Reviews are mixed, with most claiming the movie’s director has recaptured the excitement of Oceans 11 but suffers from the same over-the-top convoluted twisting as Oceans 12:

“The concept of finding new and ingenious ways for these guys to rip people off is starting to wear thin which is proved by the fact that they use a giant drill that is made for making tunnels to simulate an earthquake…there are only two of these drills in the world. Ocean has one and it breaks, so they buy the second one. Now, wouldn’t you think that purchasing a machine like that for less than legal use would raise some alarms somewhere?courtesy Mitch of Matchflick.com

Ok, I’m done. Still interested in hearing what any of you think though.

RPG: In IY 1429… June 9, 2007

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Jada Kitetsei, ELITES…a lot of awesome fictional stuff happened. This is the first of many coming-out geek stories.

Ok, I admit it: I like science fiction. I also admit to several dozen RPG sessions in my past, but I defend myself; they were creative expression opportunities!

typical gamer?

Typical Gamer?

I think roleplay gets a bad rap from so many different angles. First off there’s the obvious societal stereotyping of fans of this genre as dependent basement-dwellers, of which I can claim I am neither. Of course I understand that some individuals actually are responsible for the perpetuation of that stereotype and shame on them! (more…)